Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pastor Eugene is from the village of Bamessing, located in the North West Region of Cameroon. From early on it was evident that God had given him a gift in the area of art and design. In 1998, a mission team from America went door to door through his village handing out tracts and sharing the Gospel with many residents. A small, weekly Bible study was started and Mfunynwi Eugene soon trusted Christ as his Savior.

In 2004, Eugene married his lovely wife, Mirabel, and they moved to the city of Bamenda. The next year, the Bible study that eventually became the Faith Baptist Church of Bamenda was started (by some of the same missionaries who originally took the Gospel to Bamessing on that 1998 mission trip). Eugene and his wife began attending the church, and the Word of God impacted their home. Through the faithful preaching of the Bible, Eugene surrendered to God’s call to serve the Lord as a full time minister of the Gospel.

He and his growing family packed up and began their move to the village of Sabga in order to attend the Fundamental Bible Institute of Cameroon. At this juncture, Brother Eugene was confronted with a humongous test of faith and resolve. The Delegate of Culture in Cameroon called Eugene and excitedly told him that he had been selected as one of the handful of Cameroonian artists who were to create an art exhibition of Cameroon art and that these artists were to travel the world showing their talents and representing the culture and talents of the Cameroon people. This prestigious offer could have led to a long and lucrative career, however, God’s call was clear to Eugene and his wife, and the turned down the offer and spent the next 4 years training and serving until graduation from the institute in 2011.

After graduation, Eugene felt the Lord’s leading to return to the Faith Baptist Church in Bamenda. His family ministered and completed a one year internship, and was then ordained in 2013. Presently, Pastor Eugene is the director of the Faith Bible Institute (a local church institute of FBC), and is faithfully ministering in the village of Akum where he desires to establish the Living Water Baptist Church by the grace and power of God.

Since Pastor Eugene is not fully supported by Faith Baptist Church, and has not yet established an autonomous local church, he has been using his talent as an artist to help provide for his family. This online studio has been set up to showcase some of Eugene’s abilities and inventory. Would you consider supporting the family and ministry of Pastor Eugene by ordering one of the art products displayed in the pages listed to the right.